Sunday, December 6, 2009

Car-n-Road Christmas Ornaments

Every year, we get our kids a new ornament. I actually do two ornaments- one is just a photo of them that year-in a frame, and the other is something that reminds us of them during that year. Well... I can't tell you how many car ornaments we have. ☻ What can I boys are happy with cars, cars, and more cars.
So I made their ornaments this year. I put the number of cars on their ornament that reflected their age this year. (Their name and the year are also on the back of the ornament.) Here is what you need if you would like to make something similar:
Car-n-Road Ornaments
  Heat-n-Bond or Wonder Under,  or fusible webbing material (that binds two fabrics together)
 felt or flannel (I used flannel
some cute car fabric (or you could make your own cars)
a little Warm-n-Natural batting
 some ribbon
 hot glue

Cut two rectangles of flannet for the road. Using a piece of Heat-n-Bond in the middle and your iron,  bind the two pieces together to make the road stiff. Cut some road strips, and attach them with the Heat-n-Bond.
Cut some cars out of your car fabric, or make your own. Attach a piece of batting- such as Warm-n-Natural to the car piece. Using your Heat-n-Bond, attach your cars to the road. Hot glue ribbon on the back.
Hang and enjoy!
**Can you tell I like Heat-n-Bond? I actually use Wonder Under (same thing)  and always have it on hand. I guess you could glue your ornament or sew it together, but using the Wonder Under product is so much cleaner and easier! I love the stuff. :)