Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Life Organized (MLO) Using Binders

I know we have the internet and computers- to save us from the "Paper Clutter Monster"- but for me there are some things that I would like to save on paper. I recently made use of the collection of 3-ring binders sitting around our house. I have quite the collection of "paper items"- music, visuals for teaching at church, Family Home Evening lessons, Magazines I just can't tear apart or throw away (The Friend), and large photographs that I switch out in my frames for each season. So in order to help me declutter and get my life organized, I created a binder system to help me find things easily. Just another way I am working on saying"bye bye" to paper clutter :)
Do you still use binders? If so how do you use them?


Letti said...

Each of my kids have a binder with all of their extra school pictures. I love what you have done. I also have a file for each holiday that I tear out pages from my magazines that I like to keep.

Atkins Family said...

Binders for our family home evening lessons and for all my stitching patterns. Briana also uses her old school binders to keep track of old school papers.

CC said...

I use binders for coupons, emergency info, etc. But my problem is that we have no bookshelf space to STORE the binders!