Monday, October 26, 2009

Recycled Lids Game

There are many uses for little lids from bottles and jars. We wash and save the lids from Powerade and Gatorade, and keep them with the kid craft stuff. Since these were mostly orange and black, these were perfect for a little Halloween game. We just put a Halloween sticker (2 of each) and it became a matching game. You could also put one specific sticker on one, and play "find the spider" or whatever the sticker happened to be, and instead of matching, make the object to find that specific one. Of course when Halloween is over, this will go in the Halloween bin with all the other stuff, and it will be like a new game next year when we pull it out. ☻


Elise said...

I have been following your creative and fun blog for a little while now and I beleive this is the first time I have commented.

This is a great way to make a memory game. I am also a big collector of lids from bottles and jars - they are useful for so many activities and crafting with little ones.

Amber Omer said...

Love it! Man, I wish i'd been saving lids! I need to read more blogs!! I'll start saving right now! Abby would love this. She's all about lining things up, and of course...stickers!
Thanks for a great idea!