Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lost and Found in "da hood"

Sometimes I get really lost in "da hood-the motherhood-the one I live in.
I've lost my skinny bod because of motherhood.
I've lost my clean house because of motherhood.
I can't find the couch because it is covered with the laundry of 5 people not just one.
And the kitchen counters are deeply buried in dishes because of motherhood.
Half of the day I have no idea where the phone is, but it doesn't ring much in this hood.

And then I have moments like the one pictured above.

And I find everything.

 I lost my skinny bod because I found out what true joy was, as I gave birth to my children.
My house is a mess is because toys are scattered all over the floor, but you will find creative children with big imaginations that live here.
The couch is covered with laundry because you will find children who have clean clothes, and a mommy who {sigh} does the laundry for them because she loves them.
The kitchen counters are covered in dishes, but you will find full tummies and happy faces.
The phone doesn't ring much- so I have no need to find that. {ha ha}

But I have found so much more in "da hood."
More than I could ever list in a blog post.
Love, Happiness, Family. The things that really really matter.

All found because of living life as a mother.
That's the life I live and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Even if those skinny jeans are calling me....
if they are using the phone, I wouldn't find them anyway, so it's ok :)

What makes you love life as a mother?
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ificould said...

Oh so true!! Beautifully said.

Leslie said...

what a sweet reminder,, thank you

The Harris Family said...

This is such a sweet post. It sounds like my house and this is a great reminder of what's important.

Kim Sandling said...

Thank you for helping me put words to my feelings of late! You are inspiring!

Jill said...

Thank you, I needed this today! :)

Chad and Bree Fowles said...

What a sweet post! Your a talented writer and I can relate to these feelings!

Jennifer said...

I've had a hard time with this pregnancy, so my house is often in complete disarray. But my boys ARE fed, clean (most of the time), and get their share of hugs and stories. For now I have to remember that's what's most important. And that I love them. Their cute little faces and brilliant ideas make my day!

Elizabeth said...

I was just thinking today how tired I am of not seeing my counter tops because of all the school papers and half-finished lists that are stacked on top of them.
Thanks for the reminder that clean counter tops don't matter!
As for me, I love when I get a "You're boo-tiful, Mommy" from my three-year-old. Or when my six-year-old writes her dad a letter about "cuttling." (Cuddling)

TrishAnderson said...

I agree with it all. If the skinny jeans call you, will tell them to call me in about four months?!?

Keri said...

You just put in words what I've felt like this week. Thanks!!

rebecca said...

thanks for this post! I've had a hard time keeping up with house work this week, but it's because I've been doing alot with those sweet kids:)

Anonymous said...

It's great!!..........................................

Laurel said...

Very eloquently said. Beautiful insight.