Wednesday, March 19, 2008

favorite little books

If you have kids and have not discovered the Little Miss/Mr. books by Roger Hargreaves, then you are really missing out! I grew up with these books, and when I was teaching elementary school, they were actually out of print. I bought a set off of Ebay. However, I believe they are back in print now. Landon has loved them forever, and I actually have to hide them from him, because he loves them so much they are starting to fall apart! I think they teach great lessons too. Don't we all have days when we are "Little Miss Busy", "Mr. Chatterbox", "Little Miss Sunshine", "Mr. Messy", or "Little Miss Bossy"? And shouldn't we all grant each other permission to have days where we just aren't perfect? I think these books are really fun, kids love them, and I think they are a great reminder that we should all give each other the benefit of the doubt- because we all have days where we just can't be "Little Miss Perfect"!

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Erin said...

I remember your little "Mr Messy" and "Little Miss Messy" boxes on a previous post and I still want to copy them to use at some later point. I thought they were so cute...I didn't know that they were books! Sounds like good reading with a great message! Thanks for sharing! :)