Saturday, March 29, 2008

What we are all loving right now

LATELY we don't go to movies at all. We tried to go to the "cheap-o" movie after we had Tanner and it was a disaster. The regular movies are too expensive. So if I know a movie is coming out on DVD that is a goodie, I plan to buy it. This one is definitely a great one. We all love it- even Landon. And he is very much a BOY. It has some fun cameos on some Disney films. Enchanted is just a fun family movie and we are loving it right now!

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mkam said...

love this movie we saw it several times at the theater
one way we save at the movies is to go to the drive in
the drive in gets some movies the exact same day as the first run theaters so you do not have to wait, you pay a lot less, you don't need to worry the kids are noisy you just roll up the windows