Friday, April 25, 2008

renting once again...

We are happy to say that we have a RED BOX HERE! These little contraptions, that allow you to rent a movie for $1, are not in Arizona, but being that we are now living in Nevada, we have a RED BOX! When we left Utah, we looked all over AZ for a RED BOX only to discover that they did not have them yet. I just thought every McDonald's in the country had a RED BOX! So finally, we can catch up on all the 100's of movies we have not seen in the past 2 years! It may be expensive to live here, but at least we can rent DVD's for almost nothing! YEAH!

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Michelle said...

I so totally love Red Box. I love that it is only a dollar a day, I love that you can view movies & rent them on line so you can just pick them up at the box, and I love that you can return them to any Red Box.

See there is some good to living in Nevada!