Saturday, June 7, 2008

workout plan for June

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I have a problem. I am addicted to ice cream. So we must counteract that problem with exercise! I am always working on working out. So here is my current plan, and maybe it will just yield some weight loss results, not to mention "St. George Marathon or Bust!"
Monday: MamaFit class + weights or Body Pump (+ step)
Tuesday: Park Run (3 miles) if before 8 A.M., if not then Treadmill (4 miles) (pilates or stretching)
Wednesday: MamaFit Class + weights or Body Pump (+step)
Thursday: (same as Tuesday) I also take the kids to the park on these days after the run.
Friday: Long Run/Walk Day on treadmill
Saturday: Park Run if before 8 A.M., if not then Treadmill
I know it looks like a lot of working out, but it really isn't. The KEY for me is getting it done in the morning. Other part of my goal: EXERCISE everyday, and 2 weight workouts a week. Let's just say- I overplan-but that way- I get something done and I really like to give myself options! :) (of course this will change as time goes on and I adjust to it....think miles and training!) Happy Exercising!

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