Monday, August 18, 2008

my baby boy turns one

We made this fun cake- Deceptively Delicious which is a pretty decent cookbook I think, and the idea on top of the cake is from Family Fun Magazine-a friend of mine did it for her little boy so I thought I would try it too . I really like easy fun things when it comes to the kitchen and baking and cooking. And as you can tell by the photo below he absolutely loved it!


Michelle said...

I love that cake idea. I have just started thinking about what to do for James' 3rd birthday - yes, it isn't until October, but think early right! He would love this cake.

Jennifer said...

I turned out so cute! If I was thinking, I should have done chocolate cake, but I prefer a white cake to eat. My colors were all wrong :) Yours looks great!

Oh, and I love that Deceptively Delicious book. It has great ideas.