Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I LOVE Sesame Street (Summer Gems #11)

I love a good parody. And how can you not love all the ones from Sesame Street? Every summer Sesame Street comes out with their new episodes that we get to enjoy over and over all year. My husband and I were talking last night about all the parodies Sesame Street has done over the years-and lets not forget all the great celebrities that stop by S.S. too... Here are some of the parodies we have come up with that we have loved:
*Law and Order * American "I" * Indiana Jones (on recently) * Dancing with the Stars * The Apprentice (w/ Donald Grump) * Deal or No Deal * so many more... and we just saw this one a few days ago-*High School Musical* - it is hilarious- enjoy!

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familywithfivekids said...

Sharla - I love this! Cori P. had told me about it so I was glad I got to see it here. So cute.