Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Easy Baby Boy Bibs

Here is a quick and easy baby gift that will get lots of use. I was surprised when I searched esty and could not find any bibs like these. My mother-in-law gave some to us quite a while ago. She got the pattern/idea from a craft magazine from the 80's. These are so easy and really cute too. Here are some I made recently.

And you can always make a burb rag to match. Below- the fabric is from old sheets.
Here is how you can make a bib like this:

You will need

A washcloth or small terry cloth towel (Costco has really nice ones that only end up being 50 cents each -they come in packs of 12- and wash up really nice too)

A square piece of cotton or cotton blend fabric measuring about 20" by 20" roughly the size of a square bandana.

Cut the square in half diagonally and you will have enough for 2 bibs. Turn all the edges under iron and sew so that the edges are finished.

Find the middle of the washcloth. I iron a crease in the middle. Pin the fabric to the washcloth so that it is centered, with the smaller corner on the washcloth in the center-about 1/2 way down. Sew the edges to the washcloth. Do not sew along the top edge of the washcloth and fabric. This will allow for the bunching when you put the bib on the child. You can also add fabric or ribbon or whatever you like to the washcloth.

I have found these bibs to catch food very well and keep clothes clean and dry-isn't that what a bib should do? When putting the bib on your child, tie it just once. I never do a double knot and it seems to stay on just fine. I thought of putting velcro on it..but thought it would snag the washcloth. I thought of making these for girls, but I really think they look like boy bibs. What do you think?


Just Too Swift said...

Would it bug you if I added you to one of my favorite sites to visit? I love the ideas and comments on your blog. I think some people get a little touchy about it, so I don't want to offend you. I came here so often to check the status of the auction, I think I will miss it if I can't come visit! :o)

Just Too Swift said...

The bibs are so cute! My mom used to make towel bibs with ribbing around the neck and Velcro on them. The Velcro kind of snagged, but not that bad and they are so much easier than trying to tie them on wiggly kids. My kids, grandkids, nieces and their kids all benefited from those wonderful bibs. I don't like using ribbing, so I think these look so much easier to make.

Jennifer said...

Hey, those are so clever! I'll have to get my machine back from my mom's house so I can make some :) It's unbelievable how fast kids go through bibs! My sister just had her first and was giving extra bibs away when I told her "No! You'll need those!" Thanks for the idea.

aaronandsharla said...
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familywithfivekids said...

They are ALL so cute - I love the pirate and cowboy bibs, the fabrics you picked are adorable. :)