Monday, September 1, 2008

Storytime: Pirates and Treasures!

This is one of our favorite stories, How I Became a Pirate, by Melinda Long and David Shannon. We have been reading it lately, so we came up with a really fun activity to do with the book. There is also a sequel to the book called Pirates Don't Change Diapers. It is great- we just listened to it on CD. You can get both books here.

First we made a map like the one in the book. My son made his own map too. While he was playing, I got some things from around the house, $ store stuff, an old cell phone, food from the pantry-juice box, fruit snack, etc. and put them in a special box and hid it (in the bathtub).
We followed the map and went from room to room looking for the treasure. At last we found it in the bathroom, in the tub!

He was so excited about finding the treasure. He often plays with my fabric scraps, so I threw them into the treasure box and he had to dig through them to find the treasures. He loved it.

What pirate stories do you read at your house?


corilee said...

We love that story too! What a cute idea. It looks like the kids had a blast with it.

Doty Family said...

Those are two of my favorite books!! But I love David Shannon, my friend Mandee got me hooked on his books. My little guy loves Duck on a Bike and I myself love Alice the Fairy! I love to read with my kids, it's one of my favorite things!!

Cami said...

We love pirates too! We have a bunch--Pirate Pete, The Night Pirates, some more I can't remember--one about girl pirates.