Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

This the perfect little treat for kids! They can help you make it, and they love to eat it!
HERE is what you do:
1 package spice or carrot cake mix
2 cups chopped peeled tart apples (we used apples we had on hand and left some of the peel on)
PREPARE cake according to package directions - but fold in the apples. We used applesauce in place of the oil in this recipe. Bake according to cupcake directions. (350 for about 20 min.)
20 caramels (I used the KRAFT brand)
3 TBSP milk
1 cup finely chopped pecans OR other toppings - such as candy, sprinkles, coconut, etc.
Popsicle sticks (we needed about 24)
In a microwave safe dish, put the unwrapped caramels with the milk. Heat on high for 30 seconds and then stir. Continue until all the caramels are melted. Let sit for about 5 minutes. Spread over each of the cupcakes. You can turn the cupcakes upside down or keep them right side up. Sprinkle with toppings. Insert a stick in each one. Makes about 2 dozen (at least ours did) HOW FUN would it be to make these using a mini muffin tin and serve them at a party! Really fun and my 3 year old LOVED them!


Dover Fam said...

YUMMY! I must make these over UEA weekend. Kids are home for the long weekend. "Harvest Holiday" better known as....hunting holiday. These look delicious and I still have apples I need to use. Thanks for the great idea.

Niki Carpenter said...

You have the BEST recipes! I can't wait to try the snickers bars and now these cupcakes. They are so perfect for this time of year! I am excited!

Jennifer said...

So clever! I bet your kids loved them.

kenziekylanmom said...

This recipe looks so good! I just printed it off so we can make it tomorrow and then I am going to post on my blog about it and link to yours (if that's ok with you).

kenziekylanmom said...

I linked back to your blog about these are they DELICOUS!!! Here's the link if you want to see it