Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo Rebus Stories

This was a hit at our house. We love reading rebus stories, and decided it was time to start making and writing our own. We will be doing this again and again.
Here is what you need to make your own photo rebus story:
photos of your child or children
glue stick
Tell your child you are going to write a story about him. My son told me the entire story. It was silly but it had a beginning, middle, and end and he came up with it all on his own! If you child can do that, but can't write yet, have them tell you the story and write it down as they tell it. It helps to have the stickers there so they can see what kind of characters or things might be part of their story.
Transfer it to the poster paper adding stickers, and photos of your child in the place of some of the words. When you have everything in place and glued down, you are now ready to read the story. Since it is a rebus story, even if your child can 't read yet, they can now join you in reading the story by following the pictures as you read along. My son loved "reading" his story over and over. This is a great activity to do for teaching and reinforcing early literacy skills. (We bought some $1 Christmas stickers today so we could make up a Christmas one!)
Hope you have some fun making up your own rebus stories with your child as the star of the story! :)


Doty Family said...

What a darling idea!! I love it. We will have to try that one of these day's.

Jen said...

Wow! That's a fun idea. I hope I remember to do that with Sam after he starts talking. I feel like I have all those teacher ideas in my head, but get involved with daily household chores and forget I was ever a teacher. My poor kids! Maybe I'll be better when they're actually old enough to have fun with crafts and such.

Kritta22 said...

What a great idea! I can't wait until Connor is old enough to do this.

Amanda @ said...

What a simple, clever idea! It seems to have a lot of possibilities :)

Michelle... said...

Oh, the teacher shines through! Great idea.

Shawna said...

Where do you get these wonderful ideas? Thanks!

Sheila said...

Fantastic idea!