Monday, November 10, 2008

Chipboard Ornaments

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I started making these for a little Thanksgiving Tree I was going to put together. Now that it is getting closer to Thanksgiving, I might not get it all done, and I just might start making Christmas ones for the Christmas tree instead:)
Anyway, here is what you do if you would like to make some:
You need:
chipboard shapes (if these already have a design, just sand it off with sandpaper)
acrylic craft paint
scissors or circle punch
copies of photos from your computer (I made mine into circles & added words using photoshop)
fabric scraps or ribbon
glue (hot glue and a glue stick)
Modge Podge
Here is what you do:
1. If chipboard has a design on it, (mine did), sand it off and paint the surface. The painting does not have to be perfect since you will cover it up with paper anyway.
2. Trace the circle on some scrapbook paper.
3. Cut out - using some fun Fiskars Paper Edger scissors works well.
4. When paint is dry, glue on the paper circle. I used Modge Podge.
5. Next add your photo cut a little smaller than the paper circle.
6. Modge Podge the entire surface.
7. When dry, hot glue ribbon or fabric scraps on back so you can hang it up.
Now you have your own Chipboard ornaments! I was going to make a bunch of these and we could add one to our tree everyday.....for Thanksgiving. Now I'm just thinking Chirstmas instead. Poor Thanksgiving.....stuck between Halloween and just doesn't get the attention it deserves! However....we are very Thankful for our blessings anyway :)


Dover Fam said...

Such a cute idea. Thanks!!

Chappyswife said...

Great idea! I need to get a little tree...