Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Candy Toss Game

Here is another use for all those fun muffin tins we have been collecting! This one came from the dollar section at Target. This is a fun game that you could use for a classroom party, or just to play indoors on a cold winter day, or as a family activity. All you need is a muffin tin, and some Christmas candy- or cereal if you don't want your kids to have the candy.
You can play this a number of ways. You can assign each person to be a different color of candy. If you have older kids, you can keep track with "points"- they always love that. For every candy you get into one of the spots, (Christmas trees in our case), you get a point, or you get to eat each candy you get in when you are done playing. Since my son is only three, we just took turns tossing a candy. When we were done, he played it again on his own and then proceeded to eat all the candies! my surprise, he then got some Cheerios out to play it again! Have fun!!

Of course the best part is eating up all the Christmas Candies!