Saturday, January 24, 2009

Feeling the Blog Love Again- thanks Lara ;)

Thank you Lara. Lara has inspired me to catch up on some very past blog awards. Sometimes I think these things are silly, but after having a hard week last week, this is very welcoming! And so... I am going to follow her example and award some blogs with a little award. (so sorry- I have like three of these from the past I need to pass on.) I will not care if you choose not to play, but I think that I am going to "share the blog-love".
Let me tell you about Lara. I have known her for as long as I can remember. My brother and her were born in the same hospital practically on the same day! Her mother is an amazing aerobics instructor, and actually taught me dance when I was younger. Lara and I were in Drama and Choirs together in High School- I believe A'cappella and Chamber/show choir. I remember we both had some little solo parts in our H.S. production of Oliver- singing together ... (ha ha- I have it on video somewhere-:))
I came across Lara's blog this summer, when I discovered a friend from high school died suddenly in a motorcycle accident. Someone had posted it on their blog, and linked to Lara. I was so happy to find her in the blogging world. Blogs can really be a blessing- if we allow them to be ;)
She is a darling wife, an amazing musician, and photographer. She is a great writer too-as seen on her blog :) Anyway, Thank you Lara. You can check out her blog here.
(I will post some pass-along awards on Monday;))

OH as part of this award, I must list 5 fabulous (if you want to call them fabulous :)) addicitons:
Here they are in no particular order:
1. Diet Dr. Pepper-but not when I have morning sickness during pregnancy
2. The Biggest Loser on T.V. and several other reality shows...
3. My children and husband- I love them so much I don't know what I would do without them :)
4. Making stuff- crafting...etc.
5. taking photos-photography

Maybe you will be next...:) I'll post some fabulous blogs w/ an award soon! Play if you want to;)


Kate said...

Great blog and very interesting facts about you. Sounds like you are very talented and to know Lara too. She is fabulous.

Lara said...

Thanks Sharla! I am glad that the award helped you in some small really are fabulous and I love reading all the great things you do with your kids!