Friday, January 2, 2009

Lookin' Fine in 2009!!

A few things I would like to "improve" upon this year....(there are more than 2 but 2 is what I am focusing/sharing.....ONE- wanting my home to look Fine for 2009 - which is what I have been doing the last 2 days- mission organize and declutter all the way~~~! (I will show some before and afters) Isn't there something about cleaning up C-mas and starting a new year that makes you want to do that?
This blog and this website are helping me in this department. (sorry to have abandoned you Flylady...but I shall return!)

TWO.... I can't really "diet" right now being that I am 14 weeks pregnant-and believe me- the weight has been coming on....(not good) ---
BUT... I can eat healthy and exercise- So I'll be sharing some little gems that I have found with you this month! AND..I am totally inspired by THE BIGGEST LOSER!! And after baby three, I plan to work on being just that - in my own way:)

What are you hoping for in 2009?


Michelle said...

I want those things too. I will work on a clutter free and organized house and taking about 30 lbs off.

Jennifer said...

Looks like we all want to lose baby weight...I have some to take off, too! But my goal this year is only to lose half of it - I think 13 lbs. is a big enough goal for me this year :)

I'm also hoping to go camping & hiking more this year. We'll have to each have a backpack with a kid in it, but maybe that will give us a better workout!