Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Craft and Sewing Spaces to Drool Over :)

This photo was one of my first attempts (about 2 years ago) to organize my craft space and the photo below is one I wish to have someday ...:)
This photo is from the HGTV photo group of craft rooms linked below, a room I would love to have in my house someday as I said above...someday...I can dream can't I...:).

Here are a few very cool craft/fabric closets, rooms, and spaces for you to enjoy...and drool over ;) At least that is what I did, as I said, "someday.....maybe someday....."

Oh Fransson- her fabric closet makes me want to sew right now!

Tip Junkie - posted some amazingly beautiful craft and sewing spaces!

HGTV- organized craft room ideas to die for! I want the one pictured above w/ the wall that says CREATE ;)
FLICKR GROUP- even more amazing craft rooms pictured on the Flickr craft room group- these people are amazing!! The possiblities are endless! I don't know which is more fun, creating actual "crafty-artsy-stuff" or designing and organizing the space in which to do such stuff!
Do you have a craft or sewing room/space/closet? How do you organize it?? Please share via comment ...and Happy Crafting!


Jingle said...

I have a few pics of my space in my Flickr gallery. I need to take more! Yours is awesome! http://www.flickr.com/photos/22858095@N05/page8/

Michelle said...

Wow, I want that room too. Actually, I want someone to take all my stuff and create that room for me.

Cami said...

Ah, the Ikea cubbies. How we all love them. They are a good organizing tool. I see that organizing craft rooms is quite the sport! Have fun with that. I think I have a craft basket . . .

Tara said...

What is it about a jar of buttons, adorable boxes and organization that give me Goosebumps!???? love it!