Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crock-pot Chocolate Cake (S.O.S.-Sweets on Sunday)

I had heard of baking a cake in a crock-pot, and finally tried it a few weeks ago. We used this recipe here (our favorite Chocolate Cake recipe), and baked it on a crock-pot. Since all slow-cookers/ crock-pots are not created equally, cooking time could vary greatly.

Here are a few tips we discovered for baking a cake in a crock-pot.

1. Spray the bottom of the pan but not the sides. Just like baking a cake in an oven, the cake will naturally pull away from the sides of the pan, so it is best to not spray/grease the sides, but do spray/grease the bottom.

2. Try to keep it covered. Keep the lid on it, but if you must peek, go ahead :)

3. COOK TIME: could really vary depending on your crock-pot. On high 3-4 hours-but watch it towards the end so it doesn't burn on the sides... and on LOW for 6-8 hours- although for us it really only took 5 hours on low...again- watch it towards the end. It doesn't have to be cooked completely, and you can have a "chocolate mess" if you like. :) It can burn easily, since crock-pots can get really hot-be careful.

4. EAT with ICE CREAM! This cake was good served warm, with some ice cream. I prefer this particular recipe in a bunt pan cooked in the oven, but trying it in the crock-pot was fun. I think if we do it again, we will make more of the "chocolate mess"-- leave it a little less cooked and serve with ice cream :) mmmm! You can always heat this up later in the microwave. Store any leftovers in the fridge.

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Niki Carpenter said...

I have NEVER heard of crock pot cake before! What a novel idea. Those pictures are making me seriously hungry for looks delicious.