Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(MLO) My Life Organized- Cleaning out the Closet

Several weeks ago, I attacked my mess of clothes in the closet. And what a relief! I can actually find things now and getting dressed is not the chore it used to be- since I know where things are. :) Well...and I am all the way into darn maternity clothes now, so I had to pull those out and organize them. Here are a few things I do when I clean out my closet:
*DONATE- make a pile to give away- if I have not worn it in quite a while....or I never really liked it....or it hasn't fit me since I had children...it goes. (except for my skinny jeans- I keep those because I will fit in those again! HA!)
*COLOR CODE- I organize as I hang things up according to color and also type. I keep my skirts together, white shirts together, sweats together (yes, I am a mom and where sweats as a staple now), etc.
*START FROM SCRATCH- See my bed up there? Not pretty. I throw everything on the bed when I start and go from there. It is nice to see your closet come together-and look organized- even if it starts as a big pile on the bed.
My closet isn't perfect yet, but it is manageable and that is a very good thing for me ;)
HERE are some more tips. And HERE are even more tips to organize the closets in your house.
How do you organize your clothes closet?

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Cami said...

I've done every kind of organization--long sleeved, short sleeved, color coded, etc. Right now it's just a jumble. But I recently took out everything that doesn't fit me, so my closet is about 3/4 less full than before. Crazy!