Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby E Photo Shoot

This was my 3rd baby shoot- last month. (pretty much my 3rd "real" shoot of a baby that wasn't my own:)) This sweetie was about 6 weeks old. I just love little newborns. I am slowly but surely getting some practice and learning more things about photography of little ones indoors. I don't own any fancy equipment, even my camera is pretty standard-nothing fancy yet. I think it is time to take a class....or something and learn a little more...ahhhh..someday....sometime;) For now I'll just continue as a hobby, practicing and learning all I can. :) Thank you dear friends for letting me practice on you :)

This one isn't quite as clear as I would like ;) I'm not done editing these yet, so maybe we'll find a better one. I do like how the baby is looking up, and the catch-light in her eyes.


Jennifer said...

I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY! and I wish you were here to take pics of John for me :) These look amazing and I'm surprised you haven't had more experience.

BTW, I forgot to say I like your car quilt - such cute detail!

Erica said...

What can't you live closer to me so you can take my little ones pictures? They are gorgeous - I'm gonna have to steal some ideas and attempt to do them myself :)

Sarah said...

Love your blog!! You have inspired me to get cracking on my craft room. What kind of camera do you have??

Cami said...

Nice job, they are beautiful.

sharla@mylittlegems said...

I have a Sony Cybershot H10- it is what is called a prosumer/semi-professional camera. It is nothing fancy. I used my point and shoot automatic camera for a long time and got some really good shots. With my point and shoot, and even now I take lots and lots of photos and make sure the lighting is just right. ;) Read and study and practice:) Thanks for your nice comment!