Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Easter Pillow Spring Thing

I have a thing for spring colors and polka-dots. I don't know why. When I was in 8th grade, pastels were all the rage, and I decorated my room with pastel floral wallpaper, and stenciled it too with a heart-vine thing- all in pastel colors. I also made a ton of pastel colored throw pillows to go on my yellow bedspread. I painted a few little shelves in light blue, and even tole-painted some silly stuff. Looking back it was all pretty ugly.... Well it was cute back then- in the 80's! I was quite happy with my first little "home decor" project...being that I was only 13 years old. :)

Since we have no pastels in our house, and all boys (except me:)), I decided for Springtime we are going to let loose, not match the house, and just use some SpRiNg CoLoRS!

Using my "my stash" I made this pillow. Cost was like nothing. I had this pillow form, and all the fixings, so it was just about free. :) I did buy a few colors of embroidery floss- but used like 2 cents worth :)

Anyway....I'm a real "free spirit" when it comes to sewing- I sort of just make it up as I go- having no idea how it will turn out- which is why I'm not a great quilter yet :)

And to go along with the theme of FREE CRAFTING :) is my pattern for you to use and some simple instructions. You should be able to save the two following things on your computer, and then print them on a 8 by 11 sheet of paper. IF you are new to this style and type of stitching, click here for more instructions and "how to".


Tara said...

That is absolutely adorable!! and i hear ya on the whole 80's decor thing.... Too funny!!!

Young Family said...

I loved it. I'm definately making it.

Deb said...

WOW! Super cute!

Jennifer said...

adorable, as always! I wonder how YOU have time to do these things -- if you're like me, it's not a matter of time, but of keeping your sanity. I have to craft to feel happy and not go crazy with little ones :)