Friday, March 13, 2009

Green Color Collection

This was such a fun activity, and could be adapted to any color or any holiday. Since St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and my son constantly tells me his favorite color is "green", we made a green color collection with things around the house. We used a small box with separate squares (can be purchased at any store-usually by the plastic containers or by the sewing/craft stuff, or fishing/tackle things). We had one laying around the house already. :) Here is what our Green Collection contains (top to bottom and left to right): green crayons, green 1/2 popsicle stick, paper clips, yarn, green milk cap, green ribbon, muffin tin crayon, metal clip, green letter links, fabric scraps, green pipe cleaners, green paper, playdough, stickers, a rock we painted green a long time ago, leaves from the yard, and a big green button.
Obviously this activity is not for the younger children who still may put everything in their mouths :)

Here are some activities you could do with your collection.
*With older children, you could play a simple game of memory. Allow them to study/memorize the items. Take one away, and see if they can guess which one is missing.
*With younger children, you could have them close their eyes, put one item in their hand, have them feel the texture, and see if they can guess which item they are holding.
*You could also sort and catergorize your collection by texture, shape, or different shades of green (light and dark).
My son also made his own green collection with larger items. I gave him a small plastic box and he went around looking for toys and things that were green. He added some leaves he found outside.
Using both collections, you could also sort things by size.
This was such a fun activity and it is great for helping kids learn their colors. I have never seen my 3 and a half year old so excited about something! He has been playing with it for days, combining it all into the bigger box, and fondly calling it "my collection." ☻ ♥ ☻ I think we will do it again down the road with other colors. :)


BranFlakes said...

very cute.

mommyme said...

I really like this idea! When my daughter was learning colors there were two she always forgot. This activity would have been a great help. Even now, she would love to have a scavenger hunt looking and collecting. I think we will try a nature this spring!

Michie said...

I like this idea - cute, simple, and uses things I already have! :)

Leslie said...

this is a very cute activity! I'll have to try it with my 3 and a half year old soon and see if he'll play... he's not usually good at "learning by play"- he'll say "mommy- I don't want to do/ sing this any more- YOU do it! He's going to be a tough shell to crack...