Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Favorite Cinnamon Roll Recipe

I have made many different kinds of cinnamon rolls over the years- being that they are my favorite treats- and I found this recipe several years ago in the newspaper. Since making these, this recipe has become our very favorite cinnamon roll recipe. It is easy and delicious-my two favorite things about baking ;)
It also uses a cake mix- yes I know many of the recipes I share involve a cake mix- I said I liked easy baking right...well I love a recipe that uses a cake mix and doesn't even taste like it and these are just that! Click on recipe to make it larger and then print.

These are really good heated in the microwave for a few seconds. These can be dangerous because I don't eat just one ;) I usually make them to give away- so I don't eat more than I should. .... And now I think I'll go make these again- looking at this made me want some- yum!


Deb said...

I agree! This is THE BEST cinnamon roll recipe! I think I'll make some today too. It's snowy and cold here - the perfect day for baking!

Kim said...

My family LOVES cinnamon rolls too and I look forward to making them. I just wish I had a white/yellow cake mix handy. I'll have to go look in food storage. hehe!

themagiconions said...

They look delicious... must try. Thanks for the recipe.

TrishAnderson said...

OK, I have never tried yours. I will have to "test" it out to see hwat I think. Who knows, maybe I will change what is currently my favorite. You have told me about these, but I have yet to indulge myself.

CC said...

I just saved this. Looks wonderful!

Sandra said...

Woo Hoo They look deadly so they must be good. Thanks for recipe excited to try them.

On a side note. Your baby has grown so much from last time I was here. Hope your doing well.

Love and Hugs