Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Easter Egg Art with Coffee Filters

My son and I made this little Easter Egg garland out of coffee filters.
First we cut the coffee filters into egg shapes. Then we colored with water-based markers (Crayola) layering the coffee filters-3 deep- but only coloring the top one.

Next we placed the 3 layered coffee filters on a paper towel and used a squirt bottle to get them wet. We let them dry, and then separated them so we had 3 eggs from coloring one.

We strung them up in front of a window, and added letters as seen in the first photo. During the day, the light shines through, and they look really pretty! My 3 year old loved this so much he wants us to hang some up in his room too ;)
BTW- you can get a nice pack of coffee filters at the dollar store ;)


BranFlakes said...

That is so cute and we LOVE do coffee filter art so we just may have to do that today.

Erica said...

You never cease to amaze me!

TrishAnderson said...

Great idea. I might just have to try that idea with my kids.

themagiconions said...

Lovely idea... I really like how soft and gentle they become.

Clemencia said...

Awesome idea, thanks for sharing