Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Money Saving Deals on Disney DVD's

The last 2 Disney movies I have purchased, Pinocchio and Bolt, both had rebates of $4, when I bought a food item too! What a deal-since I'm going to buy food anyway! This week I found amazing deals for Bedtime Stories too! BTW- You don't have to buy the food item in the same exact transaction. You do have to have receipts or in most cases a copy of the receipt and the proof of purchase to get the money back, along with the official rebate form-which I have included links to below. So here are the links and deals for you too :)
PINOCCHIO: If you buy a package of Sun maid raisins, you can get $4 back . Click here for the form and details. This one allows for a photocopy of your receipt, and asks for the UPC codes off of your raisins and Proof of Purchase tab off of Pinocchio. Offer expires December 31, 2009.
BOLT: If you buy a package of Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta, you can also get $4 back when you also buy Bolt. Click here for the form and details. Offer ends July 31, 2009. Allows for photocopies of receipts. I used a coupon and only spent 79 cents on my pasta product.

Here are the Details this week for Bedtime Stories:
On sale at TARGET for 16.99. OR-Purchase Bedtime Stories (16.99 for DVD) and Tigger and Pooh (17.99 for DVD) and get a $10 gift card. You can use the gift card the same day, but it has to be on a different purchase.
Use the $5 coupon you can print here, and you get Bedtime Stories for 11.99. Coupon expires on April 13th, so hurry!
Rayovac Battery rebate (buy 2 packs of batteries, and any Disney DVD and get $5 back)
print HERE. You can do photocopies on this offer of receipts also. Most Disney DVD's also have 2 Proof of Purchase Tabs, so you can really do 2 different rebates, which is the case with Bedtime Stories. Total now (minus the fact that buying batteries--but you'll use those batteries right?)-7.99
WAIT-- there is another rebate! You can print it here. With this one, buy 2 Ortega Products.
This one ends July 31, 2009 and you can photocopy the receipt if needed. Just use the other Proof of Purchase tab from the movie and the UPC/proof of purchases from the Ortega products. Rebate is $5 so now your total for Bedtime Stories is 2.99!!
And weren't you going to buy food and batteries anyway ? :) Well that is how I do math and that says DEAL to me :)
I have done all these rebates, so I will be getting about 18$ in the mail, and I used the $5 coupon, plus the $10 Target I saved a total of $33! I don't think I'll buy another Disney DVD again-without a rebate or coupon!
TIPS ABOUT REBATES:Many will take photo copies of the receipt, allowing you do to multiple rebates. But some won't accept copies. ALWAYS read the entire rebate form and follow instructions exactly and you should get your money :) Happy DEAL Finding!


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