Friday, May 22, 2009

Photographing Newborns and Kids- Very Beginner Tips

Please do not copy any of these photos :) thanks!

I am no pro at photography. I have had a few people ask me how they can get some good photos of their children and infants. I am still learning-- and have a lot to learn. are my VERY BEGINNER PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS ☻
1. PRACTICE- take lots and lots of photos!
2. You don't have to have a fancy camera- I sure don't- but LEARN to use the camera you have. Read the manual and practice using the different settings.
3. WORK with natural lighting. Turn off your flash. Use a good window. North facing windows are best, but South facing windows are good too. If you think there is too much direct sunlight, play with the blinds or diffuse the light by hanging up some sheer fabric or a sheet over the window. Using natural light takes practice too.
4. VIEW photos you like. There is a lot of wonderful talent out there. View other's work and see what kind of style you like. Study photos- chances are you can create some of your own that are similar.
5. READ UP- read books about photography. There are lots of tutorials online too. Many talented photographers are willing to share their tips and tricks. Read and practice and learn from them.
6. GET IN CLOSE- Make your subject the focus of the photo. Look at the composition when taking the photo. Is there anything distracting in the background? Try different positions to get the photo you want.
7. LEARN how to use some Photo Editing Software- in the end, you can't always get the best photos- but you can fix them with Photo shop and the other editing software out there.
HERE and HERE and HERE are a few simple YouTube videos with some good beginner tips too. AND HERE are some more tips from a pro- with some beautiful photos to view too.

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