Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Three Chairs

Finally finished- a few of the bigger projects taking up way too much space in our garage are getting done!! Here are a few "the three chairs" hee hee....

Papa Bear's Chair
This chair came to us in very bad shape- broken, and just very used and dirty.(We actually have another one we need to fix up too.) It belonged to my grandparents, and goes with our kitchen table that we refinished. (I think the chair still needs a coat of poly-but there is only so much a pregnant girl can do... so hubby will have to do that part:)) We first sanded it a bit, then stained it black, and I was not liking it, so we painted it-with regular brush on black paint. I think it was a semi-gloss finish. Total cost: A few dollars for paint and sandpaper.

Mama Bear's Chair
This chair I bought at a local thrift store, called "Desert Dust" about a month ago. It cost me 2 dollars and 95 cents. My husband thought I was crazy since we have only half a dozen pieces of furniture sitting in the garage that I want to refinish. ☻ I had visions of this chair in the nursery, with a cute pieced- quilt sitting on with a little yellow spray paint (OK- it took almost 3 cans because the color was so light) I finally finished my yellow chair. It isn't perfect, but it will do! ☻ Total cost: less than $10

Baby Bear's Chair
This one has been finished for a few months-but we had it for about 6 months before we did anything to it. It is one of those small rocking chairs from Michael's for about $24- with coupon. It was plain wood and my husband finished up with red spray paint and a very shiny top protective coat. I think he did more work than needed on it (he his very thorough when it comes to projects like this) ☻, but I love the way it looks- the finish is really nice! It is definitely a shiny-red-rocker! Total cost for this one: (A little more than the others- less than $30)


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Jo-Anne said...

FUN!!! I have a thing for chairs, too! These look great! :)
You have to tell me where that thrift store is....I haven't been to that one yet!

familywithfivekids said...

Love the chairs! I love chairs as much as shelves, it drives James crazy.

TrishAnderson said...

Beautiful chairs. Amazing was a little elbow grease can do.