Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sensory Box: Touch and Feel

Today we made a sensory box for the sense of touch. We used this container, the same one we have used for our color collection. These boxes are great to use for all sorts of things. Here is what we put in our "Touch and Feel Box." From Left top to bottom right: leaves, black fur fabric, soft batting fabric, salt, rice, sugar, metal clip, red pipe cleaner, tissue, green felt, wax paper, cardstock, sandpaper, used fabric softener sheet, tin foil, sea shells, yarn ball.
You can always switch out the contents and have a whole new experience for your child! Older children could fill the box up with things themselves, and play a guessing game- by seeing if they can guess what the item is by using the sense of touch. I love these container boxes- so many uses and lots of fun!

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