Friday, July 17, 2009

Keeping Kids Occupied while Shopping

Now that we have three kids under four, shopping will really be a...chore (ha ha- didn't meant that to rhyme) .... My kids really love carrying the plastic shopping baskets at stores. The baskets are about as big as they are, so it isn't really easy for them to carry. Yesterday, at JoAnn's we found these cute little baskets for a dollar. They were pink- and no boy of mine will be carrying a pink shopping basket! So my husband spray painted them-aren't they cute? And how much fun they have had going to the grocery store with daddy, and using these baskets! I think they will be a regular addition to our grocery shopping trips. (because not every store has mini shopping carts for the kids to push- which is one reason we so love Trader Joe's...) They both did very well with them- until the very end of the trip-when the almost 2- year old had had it- but what do you expect- it was nap time :)


DairyQueen said...

what a cute idea! you could also give them a little shopping list of things they should look for to put in their baskets.

TrishAnderson said...

LOVE IT!!!!!