Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Sponge Ball...Square Arms"

Sharing a few ideas that aren't exactly new...just something really fun to do!

Family Fun Magazine, July 2009 issue has some super fun and easy ways to do some common crafts! So we made a few.
First up- a Sponge Ball!

I picked up a few packages of sponges and a ball of twine ($1) at Target...

Cut the sponges into 5 strips each and then layer 3 by 5 pile.

Using a long piece of twine, tie it really tight in the middle, double knotting it, make it tight.

TA-DA! Fun sponge toy for the pool, bath, or water games..or hey- just for playing in the house! My boys loved their new toys.


sandy said...

I haven't made one of those for a long time! I really need to subscribe to Family Fun again. I love it!

Michelle... said...

Ok - that is a fun easy project. Scott can even through it around as much as he likes without causing too much damage.