Monday, July 27, 2009

Zoo Pal Animal Masks

I'm sure you have seen these Zoo Pal paper plates by Hefty at your local Target and perhaps you have even bought some, cut out the eyes and made masks for your kiddies...but it you haven' is well worth the $2 of paper plates to have some fun masks to play with! (I think they may even make several different packages with different animals- this one had 10 different animals, 2 of each...that is about 10 cents a mask- if you use them all.)

We taped on a popsicle stick for a handle. I used scissors at first to cut out the eyes, but then I got smart and used a razor blade- which looks much better. ☻ $2 for hours of me that is a great deal! And if you are wondering, I have been assigned the role of "dolphin" and when daddy gets home from work, he is already going to be the "turtle" according to our 4-year-old. ☻☻☻

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