Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sweet Summer Treats (that kids can help make)

While stuck in the house, we have made a few fun sweet treats with the kids.
(Seriously, I don't go anywhere- which is why we can do things w/ a newborn- the t.v. can only entertain for so many hours a day...☻)


(Adapted from an idea in Family Fun Magazine, July -09)

Blend together

about 2 cups half-n-half

1- 8 oz. container cool whip

When that is well mixed, add 1/3 package oreos. Crush them in a zip lock baggie so they are still really chunky.

Add about 6-10 starlite mint candies-crushed in large chunks. I used a zip lock baggie and rolling pin to crush these up.

Stir in the cookies and candy. Freeze in small cups or cones. When frozen, break up and serve in a glass!YUM!


(similar to idea from Her Cup Overfloweth)

Michelle inspired me with her little Sharks on the Beach snack- but we changed ours a little ☻

Blue Yogurt (Yoplait Go-gurts come in blue or you can add a drop of food coloring to vanilla yogurt)

Graham Crackers- crushed up

Shark fruit snacks from Albertons or Gummy Fish


(this one is a classic)
Chocolate Pudding Cup

Crushed Oreos

Gummy Worms or Gummy bugs


Elise said...

Hi Sharla

I have recently come across your blog and enjoy meeting other creative and crafty mums in the blogosphere.

Cute summer creations and ones I know my little ones would love to help out with.

Jodi said...

what fun kid treats, we've got to try those...

Niki Carpenter said...

I really like the beach in a cup. I think that was such a great idea!! Way to go finding stuff the kids can help with!!