Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Make Baby Leggings-Tutorial

What can I say-- I'm on a tutorial kick lately....well... actually I could not find a tutorial on this that I loved and thought was really I made my own. And I've been making lots of baby stuff. And I love these leggings. And my husband HATES them. And they are really cheap to make with a pair of socks that costs one or two dollars. And I love me some chubby baby leg cleavage. ☻ (It really is the only time in one's life when chubby legs are super cute.)

So hear ya go. Reasons you need to make baby leggys for your little one: keep them warm, protect them when crawling, and they are the fashion...caute!! This is a tutorial in pictures:

THE ABOVE PHOTO is a photo of 2 pairs of socks both lined up. I'll show you the rest w/ the stripes pair.

Throw the heal part away- you won't be using it.

Throw the toe part away too.

Heal and toe parts- discard.

SEW the raw edges together, and zig-zag or serge so that is does not fray later.

Sorry ladies, this one is taken...he is mine...☻

They stretch and can be worn for a really long time- but I don't know how long I can let my boys where them - at least until they learn to crawl- so their little legs are protected.

If I had a little girl- I would dress her like this - with a little frilly skirt or ruffle....
maybe some really cute shoes.......if we were going out but around the house she could hang out just like this:
Since I don't have a girl, I'm not really "skilled" in that department... I would just consult my sister, who runs this adorable etsy shop, called Little Pretties. She makes the cutest stuff for girls, and some boy stuff too. I'll show you the bibs she sent me-love them ♥ I do love making these leggings. Too bad they can't cover up my "baby chub".....
O.K. that would just look silly :)


Jennifer said...

You make it look so easy! I made some with my sister, but the tutorial she had was so confusing and had more steps. I'll definitely be using this one from now on!

Tiffany said...

I will definitely be making a pair! I couldent justify $10 on baby legs. Will they stay up when they start crawling...or is it just more to keep their little legs warm before they can crawl? :)

mylittlegems said...

Hi Tiffany-These do stay up when they start crawling. But it also depends on the socks you use. Some socks have more elastic stretch in them and some don't. So just use a good pair of socks. :) I think long knee socks work better to make these with when they are crawling, walking, etc. I used shorter socks for the ones pictured. Just keep your eye out for clearance socks :)

Jen said...

Thank you, thank you.. I can't wait to try some out!