Friday, September 4, 2009

I am THAT mom

I am that mom.
You know the one.
The one that wears sweats all day and barely combs her hair.
And then goes out in public like that.
The one that is lucky if she gets time to eat lunch.
The one that goes to the grocery store with all the kids
AND the baby is screaming and people walk by and go "oh poor thing"
Like you don't hear him screaming
I am that mom who is at the grocery store
and the other kids are fighting and screaming and one even bites the other one
while the baby is screaming
and everyone just walks past and stares...
I am that mom who says, "be quiet and sit down" and "leave your brother alone"
I am that mom.
The mom I swore I would never become
But somedays are like that.
So if you see that mom, don't judge.
It might just be me...and somedays it might just be you too :)


Amy said...

That was me just yesterday! I had the older two in one of those gigantic, hard to steer car carts and the baby in a front carrier. I am sure we looked like a traveling circus. Luckily no biting on our trip though. :)

Jennifer said...

I know that feeling!

Letti said...

I am also that mom!

Lara said...

We are ALL that mom sometimes, you are right! I think we sometimes forget how hard it can get with little kids.

Mamma Christine said...

We are ALL that mom! Loved this post. Now we just need to pass it on to all the NON-moms who don't understand, the types that politely ask us to control our children in public!

The Harris Family said...

That sounds just like me.

Niki Carpenter said...

I have ALWAYS been that mom!

The Krazy Girl said...

That is me everyday:)

Laurel said...

Ha! I went out the other day-no shower, hair in a ponytail, mismatched sweats, a couple stains here and there. I was at Target. I was praying no one would see me. Of course, I ran into a friend and you know what? She looked just like me!

Erica said...

I very much am THAT mom as well. So just know when you are at the store that there are MANY MANY other moms somewhere else doing and feeling that exact same way :)

Konstance said...

I was that mom yesterday in Target! All kids screaming at an ear piercing level and me crying bc nothing I was doing was helping! When I see another mom going through the same thing I always want to go over and help

Melinda said...

Oh I am SO that Mom, somedays!!! Yet those somedays do feel like they are coming more often than not! Though I do believe I am that mom, who is oblivious to what her kids are doing!!!!

Jennifer said...

amen to that! it's perfectly written - you've got a talent :)

sharla@mylittlegems said...

Amy, I was pushing one of those car carts and it was very awkward.

And to everyone, I'm glad that you are that mom too! Thank goodness we aren't alone. Mommies unite!