Monday, October 19, 2009

The Halloween Candy House

Have you made a Halloween House this year? (a.k.a. sugar mess...☻) IKEA had these cute little gingerbread houses for 4.50 and I thought great- we'll get one for Christmas and one for Halloween.
So after picking up some Dollar Store candy and a few things from the grocery store, we created our Halloween House.

To go along with this activity, there is a cute little book called The Halloween House by Erica Silverman.
It is a great little book and if you can get the tape or CD- it has the whole book arranged in a cute and catchy little fact it is still stuck in my head from last year...maybe you don't want to hear it. No you do, it is really cute- the kids will love it! I think we'll make Halloween Houses every year and read and listen to the story too. Happy Halloween!


Tina said...

I do "houses" for all sorts of holidays with my childcare kiddos. For the house I use graham crackers and Wilton frosting (the kind that hardens like cement). I use 4 squares for the base and two for a pointy roof. Sometimes I use a serated knife to make triangles to close in the roof completely...when that is hardened...I give them each a bowl of the frosting glue and a bunch of misc junk to decorate...marshmallows, candies, chex, cheerios, fruit loops...they LOVE IT. I usually glue the house to a piece of cardboard for ease in taking it home. They especially love eating as they are decorating!

Jennifer said...

oo, I've got to get that book! How come you have books I've never even seen, as a teacher for 9 years! I still have one to buy from one of your posts last year! I love Erica Silverman's "Big Pumpkin" and tape, so I'm sure this one is cute, too :)