Friday, October 16, 2009

Make a Halloween T-shirt

Did you know you can get a t-shirt for one dollar at the Dollar Tree? Seriously, I was going to spend $3 at Wal-mart, but then I found them there! Love the dollar store. (Always spend way more than a dollar there though...)  So here is a Dollar Store Craft your kiddos can wear.

If you haven't used Freezer Paper yet, you have got try it. It is so easy to use and so much fun. Of course, if you are one of the lucky people who owns a Cricut machine that cuts everything, well, you can use that instead. But Freezer Paper is great for quilting and painting/stenciling- it has so many uses which makes  it is very handy to have on hand.
Here is what you need to make your own Halloween Message t-shirt.
*FREEZER PAPER (I found some at Super Wal-mart)
*Sharpie and a pencil
*Fabric Scraps
*Heat-n-Bond or Wonder Under (that bonds two fabrics together)

On your printer, print out the letters/message you would like to put on your t-shirt.
 I traced this onto the freezer paper with a sharpie. I like using the sharpie because it gives the letter a little extra thickness when it is cut out. When working with Wonder Under or interfacing, I always like my fabric to be slightly bigger than what is underneath so that it is easier to place on the fabric and iron.

Next cut a scrap of fabric and iron the freezer paper right to the scrap of fabric. I just turned up my iron and ironed it on. I had the iron pretty hot, but it probably doesn't matter.
Cut out your letter when it is attached to the freezer paper. I cut right around the edge of the sharpie line.

Next trace your letter under the Wonder Under on the tissue part.  . I just used the font print out from the computer, then traced it with a pencil. This way the line is slightly thinner than the fabric part, which makes it easier to line up together. Peel the letters off of the papers. Line them up so the Wonder Under is under the fabric letter and not showing. Iron it on where you want it. I always use a rag to put between the fabric and the iron just in case-- but that is just me and how I do it. ☻

When all your letters are on, you are done. You can sew over to make sure they won't come off, but I have washed things without sewing and it stays in place, so I don't sew it. (so in the picture, I tried to make a piece of candy out of the fabric under the words-but I am not loving it. But hey- my four year old loves his Halloween shirt so much he wore it all day and wanted to wear it to bed too! I told him it was too dirty and he tried to tell me he is not a messy eater-☻)
Happy Halloween!


Kim Walus said...

Your shirt "get candy" reminds me of a book we just read in class called Halloween by Jerry Seinfeld. You can listen to the book and see the pictures in the book here on you tube;

Enjoy! It's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

oh wow!!!!! i would have never ever thought about using freezer paper!!!!! this is a GREAT idea!!!!!! and we have a dollar tree close by.... i am going to look for t-shirts today and me and the kids are gonna make Halloween T-shirts!
Thank you for sharing this GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!

Susan Brady said...

You h ave the best ideas!. I love the Dollar stores in our area, but I think they caught on to about the Glow sticks, they don't have them anymore. Thanks for sharing we will have a new craft with Grandma this next week when the little wonders come by.