Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creating a Semi-Homemade Christmas

 Do you ever watch Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee?  Well how about a semi-hand and home made Christmas? There is no way I could make everything, and there are some things I need to get for my boys from the blessed store. BUT... I am determined to stay up many late nights, and make many gifts.
SO... I would like to SPOTLIGHT some fun  ETSY shops for this season. So if you have an etsy shop, or know of someone who has one, please leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you.
Speaking of etsy, I stayed up way too late making things for my little shop. Only two are posted....:)  More coming soon...maybe. Well special orders at least. :)

Happy Holiday-Crazy -Season!! It starts now....

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IHeartQuilting said...

I also plan to make most of my Christmas gifts this year, and have already started. I do not have an Etsy shop, but just wanted to say I enjoy your blog!