Friday, November 13, 2009

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

I must say, I was skeptical, when I saw this featured on Make and Takes. So when I was at the grocery store, I bought some regular old popcorn and brought it home. When I told my husband about this, we had to try it that instant.( He likes these experiment type  of things.. ☻) We made homemade microwave popcorn-all by ourselves. This was featured on yummy site called Snack Snoop.

When I taught 6th grade, I learned all about microwave popcorn, and that the bag has a heating element that makes it pop. Well a brown paper bag does not have a heating element in it, so you would think that it wouldn't work. Surprise! It works! (The spots you see on the bag are from the little bit of butter I put in the bag- don't do that...wait until after it is popped.)
Here is what we did:
We put 1/4 cup corn kernels in a brown paper bag and taped it shut.
Next we put it in the microwave- the flatter side down, and put the microwave on popcorn setting.
Almost all the kernels popped!
We next added brown sugar, and some margarine to the bag and shook it up. This made caramel corn-which is in the picture. Snack Snoop mentions all kinds of seasonings you can put on it. Talk about a great and easy healthy affordable treat!
Next microwave experiment: putting a string of Christmas lights in the microwave- sounds dangerous- but I saw it on Rachael Ray and they got all twinkly and lit up...not sure if I'm brave enough to try that though...


Jeanette said...

Thanks! I wouldn't have thought it would work either. I'm going to try it now!

Leslie said...

this is so fun...

Renata said...

I just came about your blog via tipnut. I have been making popcorn like this for a long time (although I have been stumped for seasonings, so thanks for the link). Just folding up the bag is enough. I read once on a different blog about the tape melting.

I'm too chicken to try the christmas lights. I'm sure that would give my kids too many ideas :-)

Anyway, I am enjoying your blog and look forward to checking it regularly.