Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Bibs & Backing Fabrics

I have over 1/2 a dozen baby gifts to give and make. I am way behind. I decided to get busy-since some family members have had some babies recently. (sorry to all my friends I have yet to give a baby gift too...I am trying to get there ☻...and I still have some C-mas gifts to finish also...yeah, it sounds like life to me- never getting caught up...)

Since I have made some baby bibs lately, here are a few to view...with different backing fabrics.
Few tips on making bibs:
I have tried some templates out there, but resorted to just using a baby bib I already had, and tracing it for a pattern. It worked best for me! Plus my babies have big heads-in size of course-, so not all those templates worked for my kids....
Denim may be a little heavy and stiff, but sometimes I want that kind of a bib for my baby. The above bibs are backed with denim. It really works for keeping the spills on the bib and not on the clothes. Plus, I think it is {cute} and it does get softer as it gets washed.  I have an old BABY GAP bib that was denim, and it was always one of my favorites. For the above bibs, I just used a pair of old jeans.
Backing bibs with minky fabric is super soft and cute. Many of the boutique style bibs are using this fabric on the back of their bibs these days. It is soft - if you are leaving the bib on for drooling, it works really well.  I love the softness of minky fabric--soo soft!

And below- terrycloth is great because it is like having a built in wash cloth on the back of the bib. Most of the time, my baby bibs get stained, and worn, so eventually I replace them anyway. As my babies grow, I use a different style of bib when the are older too. tip: use a washcloth or a towel for the terrycloth- you can make several bibs out of it, and often they can be found on clearance, or at the dollar store!
And of course if you have a super cute baby/model.... put your little bib on him and you can see that he just loves his new bib! ☻

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Jo-Anne said...

These are very cute. I think I will make some for my future grandbabies.....:):):)