Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Furniture Re-Do {entertainment center/hutch before}

About 2 months ago, I spotted this little beauty at my favorite thrift store in my area:
I had been wanting a hutch-type entertainment center and thought this would be perfect. It was only $50. It is  a solid piece and we found a paper inside dated 1966. Cool- eh? And the top part comes off.  So we bought it and brought it home. For a while I thought it might not work for an entertainment center because of its size. But after doing some measuring/looking/shopping, I found that entertainment center hutches that were smaller than this, were selling for at least $500. So it will be the home of our new T.V. that we don't have yet and won't have for a while. :) The top part is going to be turned into a small bookshelf and mounted to a wall.

For a while it sat like this- like a few months ago when I bought it:

The plan is to paint or stain it black- since it will be in our great room next to our refinished kitchen table. Then I want to put bookshelves on each side, and photos and a shelf type thing over the top. I have the vision all thought up in my head ;) Problem might be a year before we get around to refinishing this.
This has been a year-we bought it last summer for about $30. And it is almost done! yay!! Just a few little fixes and I can show you where I will be my new home ;) Stay Tuned!
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Cami said...

Good luck with your project! I love a good find. I got an antique hutch for $50 from the people I bought my house from in MD, and I had to leave it there because the truck was too full. (Then the people we bought our house from here tried to sell us their hutch--for $3000. Seriously. No thanks.)