Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Losing Focus

{I have a fun give-a-way coming tomorrow!! Make sure to check back tomorrow!}

A while ago, some blog authors of a blog I really liked to read, decided they were losing focus and would not be publishing as much any more. In my own way, I am going to follow this example.

I will still be posting, but I am not promising how much or how often. I have lots of projects I have been working on to share, but writing posts and tutorials takes time and that is time away from my family and life.  ( for example-I would be a lot thinner if I was working out instead of sitting on the computer-ha ha ha- it's true.)

I  do have a super great give-a-way coming tomorrow! I will still be doing give-a-ways- so please email me if you are interested in sponsoring a give-a-way.

I will still be doing guest posts- if you would like to be a guest on My Little Gems please email me.

However, I CANNOT promise to do guest posts for others myself. Please understand... I have an inbox full of people I still have not gotten back to about doing a guest post or featuring this or that project. I apologize. I will try to get to you, but if you would like to feature something you see on here, leave me a comment with the link on where you are featuring it. As always, please link back to the original site/post. :)

I plan to get my etsy shop back up and going.....maybe...after I finish a few other projects :)

However- at this time I will not be taking any advertisers or sponsors. I started this blog as a fun way to keep track of my projects and ideas. I never intended for it to become anything more than that.

I will also not be responding to "blog awards". Although I really appreciate those awards, it has been obvious that I have not and do not make time for those things. I apologize for any awards I have not acknowledged.

I am also in the process of removing my links from this site and putting them all in Google Reader. Let's face it, there are just too many darn good blogs out there to list them all on here, and everytime I look at that list, I feel overwhelmed. I can't possibly read all the good stuff out there. I use Google Reader most of the time anyway. :) ...just a bunch of digital clutter I am trying to  organize for myself :)

I have three little kids. I have a husband who has a really crazy job. We have plans for our family and our future. I love technology, but have found it interfering with my life.

I appreciate all my online friends, readers, and followers. Thank you for taking time to read and share with me in the internet world. Thank you for giving credit where credit is due. I really appreciate you all!

FYI to family and friends: I am closing up my private family blog and completely deleted my facebook account.

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Amber Omer said...

Well, i'm sad to see one of my favorite bloggers blog less, but I understand and totally respect you for your decision. Good articles in the June Ensign about this I just finished reading.

I miss you over here! Tell me the next time you come to Tucson!

Fun On a Dime Lady said...

Love it! It drives me crazy when I can't keep up with stuff I really want to do that I see on blogs. You are giving me a chance to catch up!

I have a similar idea about my blogging. I only blog 2-3 times a week so I can keep up and so if anyone wants to do anything that I do, they will not get overwhelmed with too many things!

P.S. I love those ruffle pillows below!