Friday, August 27, 2010

Fabulous Finds: Dinnerware from CSN stores

I've been in need of some new dishes. I don't think I even own a matching set of anything- sad I my age- I really could use a matching set of something in the kitchen! So when I saw these Corelle dishes from CSN stores I just had to share. Here are a few things I could really use in my kitchen.

This is so pretty- I would LOVE making soup in a stock pot like this!

I'm loving the pattern on these plates!

I am loving a little orange lately, and I really need an inside cast iron dutch oven-they have a ton to chose from ! This one is from the Rachael Ray collection. I have seen a bunch of great recipes using of these....

I have really been wanting some baking pans like these- and the color- is calling my name.

CSN stores has so many fabulous products- and the dinnerware--they have so much to choose from. Stay tuned- and I'll let you know what I think of one of these great items!

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anna said...

Just be careful with the Rachel Ray pot - I had one and it started cracking and peeling within 3 months! I have had to replace it already and was really disappointed.