Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter Writing Tray- using Salt

Sometimes I do something with my kids, sew something, bake something, and then I think, "is this blog worthy?" Isn't that silly? It really is silly but I guess it comes with the reality of the blog world.... This was one of those things. I did this back in July, and then today I saw almost the same thing in a magazine...so I guess it is blog worthy-I mean it was magazine worthy! HA!  

This activity is nothing new, sand tables can be found in preschool rooms, kindergarten rooms, and day cares. They are great for helping kids learn to write their letters using correct form.
For this activity, we colored some salt with food coloring. I just put a few drops of food coloring in a baggie filled with salt. I chose salt because it is really inexpensive. BUT you could use sugar or cornmeal. If you child has sensitive skin, or a small cut on their finger- I would not use salt. Use sugar or cornmeal if that concerns you. Coloring it just made it more interesting- plus when you mix the food coloring and salt- you are doing a BONUS science project- ha ha ha- love a bonus project!

We dumped it into a big pan and practiced writing our letters. I used the GLAD plastic pans that have a lid. That way I can store it in the pan, or store it in a zip-lock baggie, and use the pan for another sensory tray.

There is one slight problem with this activity: THE MESS. The kids get excited, they love the way it feels on their hands, and they tend to make a bit of a mess.

It is nothing big- a vacuum and a sponge or rag can clean it right up! In fact, we did play dough today...so I think I'll get these trays out again- and just clean up the mess all at once! :)

Hope you are enjoying the "BACK TO SCHOOL" fever going around.... Good luck to everyone with school!
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Leslie said...

great idea

Young Family said...

I bought little trays today. They are smaller than I wanted but the close and there were six in the set.