Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I've been up to....

So I have sort of neglected this little blog lately...but I have been busy doing other fun preparing this space for...
Preschool. ☻ After a few years off from teaching, I am back. It is so fun! I love it!  I teach a very small preschool (6 kids) three days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day.
Organizing the room has been fun and maybe you might like to do some of these things for your own playroom or space for your kids.

I had to have a storage area- and I had these white shelves- purchased years ago from Walmart or Target. These shelves have been used in our playroom and in my craft room for years. They fit the fabric bins from Target- I think the ones that are 10 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches. They also fit the plastic drawers you see in the picture.
The clocks are are from Target.  I plan to get vinyl or something on the wall to show different time zones on the clocks.
The chalkboard magnet board- easy to make. I have made one that I have in my kitchen, but this one was a gift. I sprayed it with some chalkboard paint. Above that is a pocket chart. I found some of these recently at Target- little ones- but you can also find them at Oriental Trading or a teacher supply store. I used a u-shaped curtain rod to hang this on. I can also use the rod to hang charts, posters, etc. In fact, the pockets with the books were hung in this photo w/ Command Hooks- love those- but it got too heavy, so we used the u-shaped curtain rods again- attached to the wall.
The cubby bench is from IKEA. I actually scored this one in the scratch-n-dent section .  The hooks are also from Ikea- and they are a deal. I have them in almost every room in my house. ☻
The chairs...oh I love the chairs- from CSN stores. You know I love the CSN stores.
The tables are awesome. I looked everywhere for tables. These are from Sam's Club. They were very inexpensive, and the best part is...they are adjustable! They can go up to regular height or down to kid's height.
Wipe board and Cork board- Costco
And you can't see my cute Mary Englebreit alphabet, but it is there too. Super cute- and the two framed posters- you can only see one by the window- are both Mary Englebreit too.
And the other stuff in the photo- framed flag, ABC's, charts, blue wood board w/ clips- mostly stuff we have made over the years.
Well now that you know everywhere I shop......ha ha ha. I realized that the above stores are my good ol' stand-bys for everything---o.k. not nearly everything.

And I also got to run around this beautiful place:

photo from wikipedia

And I really want to do some more of that running thing....and some sewing!! And paper crafts- those sound fun right now to just find some time and get some sleep first!

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Jo-Anne said...

I hope you are having fun with preschool! :)

Amber Omer said...

Seriously amazing room Sharla! I love it all! Such lucky kids to have you!

Wipso said...

I've just found your blog and wanted to say what a really fab room you have set up. Those little children will have a brilliant time in there I'm certain :-)
A x

rebecca said...

Looks great, Sharla;) Congrats to a successful first week of preschool:) How about that ABC chart we used when we taught 2nd grade? Do you have an extra one? I can not find mine!

rebecca said...

BTW- you must go to She is one of my brilliant friends who made flashcards to go with the Letter Factory ABC's!!!!!!!!!!!!! You also just love her site if you haven't already found it through my blog