Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make your own Disney T-Shirts

This month, we are taking our children to DISNEYLAND for the first time ever! I am so excited!
And as you know- if you have been there- things cost a small fortune. (if it really is the "Happiest Place on Earth", things should really be more affordable, don't you think??)
Anyway- so I finally made some t-shirts-
using white t-shirts, following the instructions for using Inkjet iron-on t-shirt transfer.
yes, people...I might craft...but I have never used this stuff. I know- crazy.
And I love it! I am using it for everything! You simply print the image from your computer and iron it on your shirt. Couldn't be easier.
I think these are cute Disney shirts...not crazy- tacky-like the others they have . :)
 t-shirt image I used  found here

Happy Fall!
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Kim said...

Very cute. We went to Disney World last week. Only my youngest wore a few character shirts. I wanted all of them to have some, but I'm just not that in to character tees. This however is very cute. I would have done these!

Okie Chic said...

Great job those are super cute.

Alison said...

We are going to DisneyLand this month, too! What a cute idea. I think I need some Mickey shirts!