Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another Furniture Makeover: {Book Shelf from a China Hutch}

 Yay! Another project is out of the garage and in the house being used! ( I sort of promised my husband recently, that I would not purchase any more pieces of furniture that need a makeover...at least until all the ones we have are finished...since it kind of takes us a while to finish one. ☺)  Last Spring,we bought this great hutch with a shelf for china. We only paid $50, and it was from at least  the 1960's- maybe older. Here is the before:
 The bottom part was intended to be used as a hutch for the T.V. It still looks like it does above--we'll get it refinished sooner or later. The top piece we planned to turn into a book shelf for the boy's room. We turned it upside down, and added a few dowels and pieces of wood across the front. We primed it, painted it... (spray primer and spray paint of course)  and finally hung it on the wall. (let's just say we have some pretty cheap-o drywall in our house so we had to reinforce it w/ some screws on the outside to hold it up.) But hey- we finally have a nice bookshelf- that allows the books to face forward, so you can see which book is what.
I love it. And I'm happy that our garage holds one less project. Thanks to my awesome husband....for helping me finish it and hanging it up for me!
(Now back to nursing some sick children back to health, and disinfecting the entire house! Gotta love the flu....)

Happy Holidays!
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Jax @ AlyandAsh said...

Look awesome Sharla! I love it!

Leslie said...

this is awesome!!! i love the color you used on it.

Kara said...

That is awesome! What great vision you had to see a bookcase in the hutch- brilliant!

Just Simply Live said...

LOVE this!