Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Around the World Ideas

It's Here! Christmas eve eve. This post is coming rather late for the season, but I thought I would show you just a few of the things we have done this month (these are from preschool-and you could easily adapt any of these to do with your own children.) Please know, I am not an expert in any of these countries, cultures, or religious celebrations. I am simply sharing things I have done to help my children understand the world around them.
1. Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees-{ice cream cones, frosting, candies} -Germany
2. Circle Christmas Trees- {circles of various sizes; hole punch dots; clothespin, star sticker}- Germany
3. Hanukkah-{dreidels, menorahs, and latkes-potato pancakes} OBVIOUSLY- Hanukkah is not a country, or a Christmas celebration. These are things I have done with preschoolers, and we are learning about other people and how they celebrate at this time of year.
4. The Gingerbread Man -bread dough gingerbread boy-{Rhodes roll, raisins}-also can go w/ Germany
5. Gingerbread Man- {foam gingerbread man, google eyes, glitter glue, stickers}
6. Pinatas shaped like Christmas Trees {brown lunch sack stuffed w/ newspaper &candy, covered in tissue paper strips that are cut up, and wire ribbon at the top}-Mexico
7. Poinsettias- {shapes cut with construction paper, yellow hole punch dots, glue}-Mexico
8. St. Lucia Crowns- {construction paper, glue, stapler}-Sweden (we also had homemade cinnamon rolls brought by St. Lucia and put our shoes out for a treat-several countries do this)
9. Jingle Bells {for lots of fun Christmas singing- pipe cleaner, jingle bells}

There are so many fun  Traditions and Cultures to teach your children about! I hardly touched the surface this year! Next year I will be doing a lot more :)  
Hope you are having a fabulous Holiday Season!

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