Sunday, March 13, 2011


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(this is one of those posts, I am wishy-washy- about... I'm usually pretty private on here- but I think once in a while it is good to know that there is a real regular ho-hum- mom- behind this blog-- so please don't judge me... :))
It's a birthday. Mine.
And it should be a happy day.
But I'm old.
And I struggle.
I struggle with things, that people don't know about.
And I wish I didn't.
I wish I was happy like this little baby.
That was me.
And now I am old, and have babies of my own.
And it is honestly the hardest job in the world to give, give, give to these
little people all the time.
And as much as I love them, adore, them, and cherish them, I still
have hard days.
Even on my birthday.
But it is O.K.
Things could be a lot worse.
But things are actually really good.
I am blessed. I have an incredible husband, a home, adorable children, my faith, my little family.
And I am grateful,
 Even if it means, getting older and older and wrinkled and gray and heavier. I am alive. I am blessed.
Life can still be full of happiness. 
"The great thing about getting older, is that we don't lose all the other ages we have been."
So I guess a birthday, even one that puts you closer to the big "4-0", one that isn't perfect, is a good thing after all.
Thanks for reading.

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Jo-Anne said...

Stop saying your old. There is always someone older (hello! ME!) ;)

Just tell everyone you're 29 like I do. It keeps people thinking. And seriously, you could pull off 29.
Your kids are young and 29 makes sense....
but my oldest will be 25 this year so it's getting harder and harder for me! haha!